Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shining Stars, Day Five

The last day at Zhanjiang included art activities and building things out of Legos. And then...the children dressed in costumes, complete with makeup (emphasizing colors), and they had a grand parade making lots of music and happy noise.

This is all we have for right now--but I'm so anxious for Vickie and the team to update us with the many wonderful details that will come when the jetlag fades.
Val, for ZKO

Six months ago, this is a scene that played out only in our imaginations. We are so very grateful for the wonderful people who have made these children's dreams come true. They are receiving the attention and fun that all children deserve.

Lovely Cassie leads the parade

King George, a most enthusiastic, and energetic student

Our wonderful teacher, Ms. Li, proudly wears a necklace one of the children made and gave to her.

The lovely and talented Anna (and Ms. Suzanne, who is completely smitten)

How wonderful that she has the opportunity to be a beautiful princess.

Exercises with Ms. Li

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